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8oz DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Dust B' Gone™

8oz DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Dust B' Gone™

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DRI WASH 'n GUARD® DUST B' GONE Just spray Dust B' Gone™ with exclusive Formula PolyGuard-5™ onto a dusty surface and watch it disappear in only five seconds!  Because Dust B' Gone™ actually breaks down the molecular structure of dust, causing it to emulsify and dissipate, many times there is no need to wipe away or rinse. Dust B' Gone™ leaves no sticky, oily residue, just a protective PolyGuard coating. Of course, like the rest of DWG Int'l's DRI WASH 'n GUARD® products, Dust B' Gone™ requires no water to clean effectively.

US 8 oz Pump Spray Bottle

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