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COMBO DualPolymer Detailer and Tire and Trim 32oz Units


COMBO DualPolymer Detailer and Tire and Trim 32oz Units

$ 59.95 $ 89.95

This is a kit of  a 32oz Trigger DualPolymer Waterless Wash and a 32oz Tire and Trim

Includes 4 micro fiber towels

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Customer Reviews

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Doug Whitehead
“Return of the shine

Been out of the Dry Wash for so long and forgot how well it worked and the difference the final product is from other waterless waxes, you’ve done well in the reformulation

Bill Burdette
After pictures

Here are the after pictures of my daughter's car.

Bill Burdette
BEFORE Pictures

Here are the Before pictures of my daughter's car.

Bill Burdette
Almost as good as DriWash. I like the product!

Tested the Dual Polymer product on my daughter’s 2007 Fusion. I’ve told my daughter that the worst thing to do to a car’s finish is to use a automated car wash, so she leaves it filthy dirty for me to DriWash. This car makes numerous trips between Phoenix and Tucson, sits in a car port, and it has been almost three months since I DriWashed the car. Yucky bird droppings, baked on bugs, and the lower third of the car has silt like road grime.
Let me get the Executive Summary out of the way first; Dual Polymer does not clean as easily as DriWash. It is a great product, and the resulting shine is great, and I’m pretty much sold on it as a replacement for DriWash, but it does not clean as well. If you have the garage queen car and use waterless wash as a super detailer you will never see the difference between Dual Polymer and DriWash, but if you truly use it as a waterless car wash on the daily drivers, you will notice the effort and amount of product it takes to clean the car versus DriWash.
This car is dark and many areas had streaks that needed a slight mist and rebuff, but I am satisfied with the resulting shine and slickness of the paint. I’ve got to say again the sprayer that Dual Polymer provides is fantastic in misting the perfect amount of product for coverage.
This car was FILTHY and I used more product than I would have liked, but many areas with baked on bugs and bird droppings required multiple mists and massive elbow grease.
Hopefully this week I will get to my garage queens and let you know what I think of the Dual Polymer in those applications. To summarize in closing, I like the product and will use it, but I miss the cleaning capabilities of the old DriWash products. (See before and after pictures)

Bill Burdette
First impressions are favorable as a DriWash replacement

wanted to test the new Dual Polymer Waterless wash on a really dirty vehicle. I once read in a Hagerty article that “every car loving guy needs to have a vehicle they don't care about”. In my case that is my trusty 2007 Ranger. It doesn’t get the love the other cars in the stable receive, but I love it and would not take double what I paid for it 9 years ago. The Ranger gets a DriWash about three, or four times a year, so it is the dirtiest car I can use for this test.

Before I rate the waterless car wash, I need to tell you that I could probably write a few paragraphs of praise for the sprayer that came with the Dual Polymer. It sprays the PERECT mist that covers evenly. Some DriWash trivia for you; when DriWash was first introduced they constantly spoke about the need to have a mist sprayed on the paint to keep from overusing the product and making the application easy. When the ‘air-o-sol’ pump bottles went away DriWash supplied cheap crappy sprayers that basically puked the product on the paint (and wasted material). Kudos to Dual Polymer for providing a great mist sprayer!

So, the Ranger had some bugs on the windshield and mirrors, and the requisite bird droppings on the hood and roof. Not much road grime, tar, oil, etc, so this should be a somewhat easy waterless car wash.

I’ll just list below some figures of merit and comment on the Dual Polymer capabilities.

Bird Droppings: Definitely took more effort than DriWash. I had to reapply the Dual Polymer product quite a bit and really hit the elbow grease. Knowing this I wonder how the product will remove road grime, oil, etc?

Bugs: The Dual Polymer product performed the same as DriWash in getting the bugs off the bumper and windshield, etc.

Black Plastic Trim: A slight lean towards Dual Polymer here. I didn’t need as much elbow grease here to buff out the black trim (bumpers and mirrors).

Wheels: Performed as well as DriWash and I’m satisfied here.

Glass: Performed as well as DriWash.

Paint: I saved the most important for last. Buffing took about the same effort. I did have one area on the roof and hood that showed some slight streaks. They will probably go away once the sun hits the paint. I could have lightly gone over these areas with another application of Dual Polymer and probably buffed the streaks out, but they were so slight the untrained eye (for example people not meticulous about the car’s finish) would not detect them.

I did not measure in ounces how much product I used to clean the exterior of the Ranger, but I’ll take a hip shot and say it’s about the same as DriWash. Back in the day DriWash used to say it took about $4 worth of material to do a Honda Accord, so with inflation that should be $8 today. I probably used that amount on the Ranger?
I am giving the Dual Polymer a ‘pass’ and the product is good enough now to be tried on my babied daily driver 2012 Mustang. If it works well there it will be approved for the MOPARS in the garage! I’ll keep you posted.

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