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32oz DRI WASH 'n GUARD® ULTRA-ION (Refill)

DWG International

32oz DRI WASH 'n GUARD® ULTRA-ION (Refill)

$ 44.95

DRI WASH 'n GUARD® ULTRA-ION™ Waterless Car Wash has been reformulated and is now recommended for use on all paints independent of when they are manufactured!

DRI WASH 'n GUARD® ULTRA-ION™ Waterless Car Wash with Ionic Technology helps repel dust from your vehicle's surface as well as attacking and emulsifying any organic material on the painted surface (bird droppings, bugs, etc.)  Ultra-Ion also helps in reducing and removing existing minor feather scratches as you apply and buff the painted surfaces.

DRI WASH 'n GUARD® ULTRA-ION™ Waterless Car Wash will give a deeper, richer shine than any other product in the vehicle appearance industry. It is extremely aggressive in emulsifying all organic matter such as bugs, bird droppings and tar and like DRI WASH 'n GUARD® CLASSIC Waterless Car Wash it works exceptionally well on glass, mirrors and chrome!

US 32 oz without 8oz AIRosol bottle.

Price:  $44.95 US

Customer Reviews

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Patsy M.
Must have

Have been using this about 5-6 years on our 1999 Country Coach 40' motorhome. We originally purchased it because of all the rv parks that don't let you wash vehicles. We use it exclusively because it's an easy to use product and people think we just got a new paint job.

Russell G.
I didn't think it was

I didn't think it was as good as I used to get to wash and wax my coach, I don't think I will buy it again. Not sure what the problem but it didn't seem to be the same stuff I used to get

Twin l.
I was introduced to the

I was introduced to the product by a local vendor at an aircraft Fly-In at Winchester, VA around 1988 or 1989. I have carried it in my 1947 Bellanca Cruiser ever since! I use it primarily on the propeller, cowling plus the wing and tail surface for de-bugging/ anti bug sticking with great success. At least twice a year my wife and I will also apply a heavy and thorough application to pretty much the whole airplane. I freely demonstrate the ease of use and strongly recommend it to any other aircraft owners who ask what it is and why I use it.

Daniel H.
32oz DRI WASH 'n GUARD:registered: ULTRA-ION (Refill),

I have used this product since 2005 when I bought my last Harley Davidson 1999 e-glide classic. It is a superb product. When I retire in 3 yrs I plan on becoming a salesman and offer it at my air brush booth for fellow bikers and any car enthusiast I see at car/bike shows/rallies.
It cleans, it shines, an protects.
Dan Hunter RN, BS Independence Mo. Nurse /Biker/ Air Brush Artist

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